If you or your company are interested in sponsoring the expedition, please feel free to email us at 14ersthruhike@gmail.com. All financial contributions to the expedition are greatly appreciated. For all donations we will also be arranging special surprises!

We are very grateful to the following sponsors for their support!

ULA logo gif

By Junaid “A good ultralight backpacking kit starts with the ‘Big 3’ – the backpack, sleeping system, and the shelter system. ULA has been my backpack of choice for both of my Pacific Crest Trail hikes, and will be with me as I attempt the 14ers ThruHike. In my experience the Catalyst and Circuit are functional, comfortable, durable, and oh so light. They also back their gear with exceptional customer service. That’s why they are the de facto ‘official’ pack of the PCT, why I’ve recommended them for years, and why I am so excited to announce them as my first sponsor! Chris and the folks at ULA have generously provided two custom backpacks that ride like a dream. Thanks ULA, you ROCK!!!


If you’ve ever had the internal debate about whether or not to stop and get that pebble or twig out of your shoe, you know the value of a good pair of gaiters. Dirty Girl Gaiters are the best gaiters out there and they come in a ton of awesome patterns and colors. They are the gaiter of choice for those that like it dirty and will be a stylish addition to the 14ers ThruHike geardrobe. “I love Dirty Girls!” 


By Junaid “In many ways nothing is more important on a long hike than good shoes. Without quality, reliable, well fitted shoes, ones hike can end early. Vasque has made great boots and shoes since 1965 and is truly an industry leader. I have owned several pairs of the original Velocity and have put over 1000 miles on a single pair. I am excited to be using the new Velocity 2.0. Luke will be using the Mindbender and couldn’t be happier. We are absolutely thrilled to have their support and can rest assured that our feet are in good hands.  Ready. Set. Hike.

Whole Foods-logo

Believe it or not, one of the biggest expenses on a trip like this is food. Imagine buying and packaging all the food you’ll eat for two months all at once… believe me, it makes for a very long receipt! Whole Foods Market has an amazing selection of bulk foods that are ideal for backpacking and many foods that are difficult to find elsewhere. We are grateful to have some of our food costs defrayed by a significant donation from Whole Foods Market. Thanks Whole Foods!


When it’s time to make camp for the night, it’s important to have reliable shelter from the elements. At Yama Mountain Gear they design and build shelters that are reliable and lightweight, utilizing the very latest lightweight and ultralight materials and the finest workmanship. Check out their silnylon and cuben shelters and accessories. Thanks Magnet!


At the end of the day taking off the hiking shoes and getting into warm, dry socks and comfy camp shoes is huge. At Pakems they make shoes and boots that are leightweight, insulated, water resistant and packable. They are ideal for après ski or après cold weather hike and will be great as the weather turns toward winter. Thanks Julie!


A huge thank you to Go-Inspections, our biggest supporters and fans from the beginning. Their generous contributions have really kept us GO-ing all trip! If you are in need of a home inspection or home advice, give them a call to get GO-ing in the right direction! Thanks Mike & Karen!!


Dialing in the proper nutrition plan is vital to the success of the 14ers ThruHike. At Prajñä Nutrition, Jennifer puts her training to work by  helping others reach their nutrition and fitness goals. Thank you Jennifer!


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