25 days to go!

By Junaid “Hello everyone, we are now a mere 25 days from setting out and the excitement is growing! Today we are pleased to bring some great news, two new sponsors: Vasque and Whole Foods Market. Vasque has provided Velocity 2.0 and Mindbenders for the trip and will be following our progress. We are thrilled to have the support of such a great company! Whole Foods Market has also given their support by donating a significant gift card to the cause. Bulk section, here we come!

Our custom packs from ULA have arrived, they look and feel awesome. Chris and the ULA team have really done a fantastic job with these packs! I have already packed my Ohm 2.0 around Boulder for several miles and love it.

The Summit For Someone campaign is off to a good start with a few very generous donations to Big City Mountaineers. If you haven’t donated and shared the link, please consider it!



In other news, the itinerary is nearing its final form and will be posted on the Route page when it’s done. Also, the gear list will be posted in the next week or so.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine!”

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