A starting date!

From Junaid:

Greetings 14ers ThruHike enthusiasts! It has been a while since the last update and we have a few exciting things to tell you about.

First, after many months of planning and waiting, we finally have a start date! We have received our reservation confirmation to climb Culebra Peak, the “starting line” on July 20th. That means we are under 60 days until the odyssey begins! Needless to say, we are ramping up the training and resupply preparations as the date draws near. We are in the process of putting together the master grocery list and assigning quantities for individual resupply boxes. Imagine shopping for 2 months of food at once…yeah! Final gear choices are also being made, such as GPS, shoes, clothing, etc.

Next, we are very excited to be receiving our new backpacks from ULA equipment soon. They will be custom made out of Robic fabric for maximum durability. It’s going to be great to start loading it up for training hikes! Thanks Chris!!

In sponsors news, we have more! We would like to welcome Prajna Nutrition, Dirty Girl Gaiters, and Klymit. Prajna Nutrition has helped with some of the nutritional aspects of the hike planning…thanks Jennifer! Dirty Girl Gaiters has helped out with some really (fun)ctional gaiters and an awesome shirt…you rock Chrissy! Klymit makes some state of the art sleeping pads and jackets and will be helping us sleep well on the trail…thanks Gabe!

More things are in the works… updates coming soon!

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2 Responses to A starting date!


    This is AWESOME! If I can, I would love to join you for a peak or two. When will you be putting out your Itinerary?

  2. Junaid says:

    Hulk, the itinerary is undergoing revisions at the moment. We will probably post it in the next 2-3 weeks…once it’s finalized. I’ll add you to the list of those wanting to do a peak with us.

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