New year, new developments.

I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start!

The planning continues, and there are a few items to share with this update. So let’s jump right in.

First, I’m pleased to announce Luke DeMuth as my new partner on this expedition! Luke grew up in Colorado and has climbed several of the Fourteeners. He has climbed peaks in Nepal and Ecuador, competed in several endurance races, kayaked down the Grand Canyon, and the list goes on. Luke’s skill, experience, and attitude will certainly be an asset to the endeavor. Look for updates from him during the following weeks and months as the effort continues.

Next, the itinerary. There is one now! It will, of course, undergo several revisions before it’s done. It does provide a useful starting point though, and allows me to begin doing things like designing my resupply plan and figuring out the private land issues. The timeframe is 60 days, 55 hiking and 5 ‘zero’ or rest days. I have 19 possible resupply points, the majority of which are on route and won’t require “off trail” trips or mileage.

The private property issue may turn out to be not as much of an issue as I had originally thought. Less than 20% of the route runs through private property, and most of that will be short “walk throughs” on legal trails and dirt roads, requiring no camping. Others are as the route passes through towns where we will be resupplying. There will probably be less than 10 nights that will require identifying land owners and getting prior permission to camp.

I’ve also changed about 1/3 of the route between Pikes Peak and Fairplay. The change adds two lakes to the route, a few camp grounds, reduces road walking, and only adds two miles. I’ll post a new .kml file when I get it ready. A handful of cabins and shelters also exist along the way…they may be a nice option. đŸ™‚

While ‘touring’ the route on google earth, I found a great swimming hole near the town of Guffey. I’m sure there will be numerous cool swimming holes, but this might be the best. I can’t wait to see what amazing surprises are in store!

Other things are in the works, I’ll have more news soon!

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2 Responses to New year, new developments.

  1. Jack Haskel says:

    Cool beans.

    When you starting?

  2. Junaid says:

    The start date will be during the 3rd week of July. Cielo Vista Ranch (Culebra) doesn’t take reservations until May 15.

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