Tech problems and revisions

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to embed a google earth track of the first draft here on the site, but to no avail. I’m working on an alternate way of letting everybody have a look at the proposed route.

I posted a link to the other day and it has been meet by a lot of traffic to this site and some (mostly) encouraging words by a few posters.

In other news, I’ve been revising the route and there are definitely some alterations in the works for a couple of stretches. I don’t think it will change the overall mileage much, but it will probably shorten it if it does. The second draft should be close enough to the final route to start trying to determine where private property issues will exist. Resupply options are also getting a closer look during the revision. Not surprisingly, there are many of Colorado’s great mountain towns on the resupply list, as well as a couple of  hot springs. Some additional reading on some of the potentially tricky traverses indicates that only a few of them seem as if a descent and re-ascent via another route will be needed. Of course that may all change based on snowpack (if it ever starts snowing!), weather, time of approach to the pair/group, and actually looking at it. The start date may be pushed up after reading about snow conditions on the problematic peaks and when they become “passable”.

But as always, that could change!

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