Say what now?

The State of Colorado has 58 named summits that rise 14,000 feet above sea level. This is the greatest concentration of “Fourteeners” in the country. Between July 20th and September 29th of 2013 we summited all of them by walking from each peak to the next. The route was about 1,300 miles long and included about 300,000 feet of elevation gain. All forward progress on the route was done on foot, laying down a continuous set of footprints from Culebra Peak to Longs Peak, thus the description of “14ers thru hike”.

This site was created to share the journey, we hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Mike B says:

    looking forward to following your trip. how many days do you think it will take and when do you look to start?

  2. Junaid says:

    Hey Mike, I’m hoping to start as early as possible in June and should take 60 days or so.

  3. I’ll come out and join you for some! That sounds so epic!

  4. Maj. UpChuck says:

    MY man!!! You Sir are a SAVAGE!!! Can’t wait to know more.

  5. Annie Brolly says:

    That should be awesome! What an amazing peak in your life it will be. You are blessed to still be young enough & have good enough knees & hips to contemplate that endeavor. Those of us who have long since trashed our joints will be following along vicariously! Please post lots of photos & Funny Bone like commentary. Go go Boy!!!

  6. MikeN says:

    As Chase Norton’s Dad, I’ve come to appreciate extreme challenges.

    Having spent time at altitude – though nothing like your planned route – further west in the Sierra’s when younger, don’t underestimate the cold. Always frigid where you are headed.

    Fair winds and following seas

    Mike N

  7. Jack Haskel says:

    Very cool Junaid! I’ve been thinking that someone should do this since 2008. I’ve added your blog to my RSS and will follow along.

    How are you handling resupply? Climbing equipment? Support?

    Best of luck!

  8. Michael says:

    I can’t wait to follow you journey. Sounds exciting! Best of luck.

  9. Junaid says:

    Scarecrow, I’ll keep you posted and we can coordinate.
    Upchcuck, thanks man. You might think of doing a leg too.
    Tinkerbelle, thanks! I’ll do my best to have an entertaining blog, but Funnybone was a well named man….I’m not quite that funny!
    Mike, You seem to have done right with that kid 😉
    Jack, I was a bit surprised that I haven’t found a record of anyone doing it before. I’m doing mail drops and buy as I go. Helmet and traction devices will probably be carried the whole way…bouncing them would be a pain. All mail drops will be mailed by my friends here in Colorado or brought in with them when they join up for a leg.
    Michael, thank you. Just the planning is exciting!

    Thanks everyone!

  10. Jim Keener ( J J ) says:

    An epic journey. What camera will you take?

  11. J J says:

    An epic. I am eager to read your posts. Which camera will you take?

  12. Junaid says:

    Hey Jim, I’ll be using a Canon elph 520 hs. I may also get a GoPro3.

  13. Bob Zawacki (Zawacki) says:

    Hi Junaid. You have my deepest respect and I wish you well. As a former runner (Boston, etc) myself while at the USAF Academy, I am aware of another runner who trained with us and also did Boston – Ernie Cunliff. Ernie held (maY sill hold the U.S. record for the half mile while at Oregon) and when he retired from the staff at USAFA did all 14ers twice that summer. He did NOT walk between them as you propose. This is not to take away from your goals, rather to let you know that you may want to contact Ernie. The last time I talked to Ernie, he was still in Colorado Springs; however, a recent check shows him with an unlisted number. They may have moved back to Oregon. Again, best wishes and drive on!
    Old Bob The Cheerful Malcontent in Guffey, CO 80820

  14. Junaid says:

    Hey Bob, if you come up with his info, send it to me at I wouldn’t mind asking you a few questions about the Guffey area, since the route goes through there and we may have some issues finding a legal place to lay our heads for a night or two. Thanks for your interest!

  15. Thad says:

    Hey, This is great. I sent you a PM to your email listed on here, is that not the best way to get in touch with you? How much are you thinking this whole trip will cost you? Also dont you think 60 days is pretty quick? I was just curious how you got that number. Keep us updated.

  16. John & Susan Hahn says:

    Wow what a cool idea and a grand adventure ! Best of luck and have a great summer Unbreakable and No Trace

  17. Junaid says:

    Thanks Unbreakable & No Trace! I’m planning on watching your video tonight if I don’t have to work.

  18. Shaun Carrigan says:

    Carrying an axe? This looks so epic. Incredibly jealous.

  19. Junaid says:

    Hey Shooter, thanks! We are starting in late July, so we are hoping that ice-axes will be unnecessary.

  20. Ty says:

    Hope you document all you can and write a book about your trip and experiences. Good luck and stay safe. Are you going to be blogging thru out the trip? If so What’s the website.


  21. Junaid says:

    Thanks Ty, check back here for updates from the trail. All updates are listed to the right.

  22. only question I have is WHy the Late Start? Good luck on your Journey!

  23. Checkin’ this site every day! Go Go Go!

  24. Robin Henry says:

    Shooooot, I thought I was doing good to climb every 14er this summer but my plans pale in comparison. Go for it man, I hope it works out for you!

  25. Dakota miller says:

    Got to meet you guys at mountain burger in Florissant, CO! When you get back from your awesome 14er hike you should do an AMA on!

  26. Chip says:

    I just found your site and trip from reading the article in the Denver Post. Guys this is awesome! As a lover of the mountains and the 14ers, I am truly impressed on your task and who you are supporting! I wish you the best as you strive to reach Long’s Peak. Your pictures are wonderful, can’t wait to see all of them. Maybe you two should write a book about the experience…I would love to read about all of it!!

  27. Robin Saenz says:

    You two are really inspiring……….

  28. Morgan says:

    Almost over fellas, a proud and inspiring accomplishment, all the best to you both!

  29. Greg & Julie Walker says:

    Hey Luke! I am a friend of your folks and just learned about your adventure on the day before you summit Longs. My brother (Dave) sent me a link to the DP article. Way to go to support a great cause. Julie and I were happy to make a donation to the cause and will enjoy making more in the future. I hope you get some rest Monday. Hello to your mom and dad.


  30. nettbatt says:

    What an incredible Summer2013! You guys are awe-inspiring and sound like you’re having fun while completing a grand journey. Cheers!

  31. Eileen Carpenter says:

    Nicely done! So happy that you reached your goal. Should be a parade in Grand Lake for you!!!

  32. jackie Albert says:

    Wow!!! You guys are awesome!!!

  33. Joe says:

    Amazing journey guys. Rooting for you to finish tomorrow.

  34. Charles Newcomb says:

    Awesome guys. Thanks for the pioneering and inspiring spirit! Be safe on the last one!

  35. Mary Lee Holbrook says:

    Congratulations on such an incredible achievement!!! You two are unbelievably tenacious and have accomplished something most people would not even dream would be possible — book please!!

  36. I am just going to say WOW! Awesome job. Tenacity at it’s best!

  37. janice says:

    I am rooting for you two..your journey is awesome! Might even try Longs Peak sunday to meet you and bring some fresh fruit!

  38. Darn it, I just found this web site today. Will you guys be having any slide show presentations any where?

  39. Hi Guys,
    I got this link from my friend living in Denver. What a great adventure!!! I used to live in Boulder and become to really love the place! I have been to few of the fourteeners myself and spent many, many days in the Rockies hiking, climbing, skiing. I also love long distance walks so your trip is just really my cup of the tea!
    Cheers from Czech Republic!

  40. Jack Carey says:

    CONGRATS, you’ve done it. Both my daughter, Julie, former COBS, now teaching in Java, and I enjoyed your planning, esp. route graphic, and reading DP piece. Only done about 35 myself.Jack

  41. maggie mechtly says:

    We’re so thrilled for you and would love for you to come and speak at our elementary school in Monument Colorado. We’re kicking off a “read and hike- peak to peak” of all the 14ers in Colorado. We think you are such an incredible inspiration!! Do you guys do this kind of thing?

  42. Novak says:

    Awesome job guys! I’ve done 42 peaks over 11 years so what you are doing is nothing short of amazing. Godspeed to you both 🙂

  43. Junaid says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. The windy finish on Longs on September 29th was awesome. The park opened just in time for us to go climb our final peak and we didn’t even have much snow or ice…it was a truly spectacular finish. We really appereciate all the encouragement we received from those following the journey online and the generous donations to Big City Mountaineers that were made on our behalf.

    More to come!!

  44. Kyle says:

    I’d love to have a list of all the gear you guys brought along on this epic trip!

  45. Junaid says:

    Hey Kyle, so after having sort of left this on the shelf for the last…..quite a while….I’m trying to get some new content up. I’ll be posting my gear list and reviews at the end of the month. I’ve also had a fair number asking “when’s the book coming out?!”, so I’ve begun trying to be creative (it’s hard!) again and start plugging away on that. So thanks for asking, it’s helped light a fire under my butt!

  46. Hey, do you ” guys”‘know my old husband, Nelson Abanto? He will turn 70 on Oct. 6, 2016
    He makes me a nervous wreck , climb every mountain, oohhhh dangerous mountains are quite a thrill! 😍 guys”… How about encouraging him to ” give it up”?

  47. Aria Zoner says:

    Crazy! I wrote in Trail Journals about a hiker named Wasa who was thru-hiking the 14’ers as a thru-hike in 2009. I met him on Mt Massive during my own CT hike that year. Great minds think alike I guess. Check it out here:

  48. Junaid says:

    Zoner, do you know if they kept a journal or online blog at all? Do you know if they finished? Any other info would be great. I had not heard of this attempt until today.

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